Nationalists Divided

The Soul of the East

In this Jan. 28th article, Ulyana Ivanova, journalist from the magazine National Accent, surveys the diverging views of a range of nationalist figures within Russia over the latest color revolution in Ukraine. Translated by Evgeniy Filimonov.

Nationalists of all stripes residing on the territory of Russia are divided in regards to the protest in Ukraine. Some took the Ukraine uprising as an excellent example of civil engagement and self-organization. Others have labeled the protestors as “Banderite remnants” and enemies of the Russians. Still others have tried to analyze the events on the Maidan as bystanders, supporting neither side.

One of the reasons for this interest in the events on the Maidan is the active involvement of Ukrainian nationalists. Coincident with the popular opinion of the Russian media, it is precisely the ultra-right and fanatics that have become the main driving force of the protest.

The fact is that nobody has remained indifferent…

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